Organoids Oncology NA NA NA A living biobank of matched pairs of patient-derived xenografts and organoids for cancer pharmacology NA 2023
CDX, PDX Oncology Lung Cancer NSCLC- Lung Cancer HCC827, LU1235, LU1868 A Novel Bispecific Antibody Targeting EGFR and cMet Is Effective against EGFR Inhibitor-Resistant Lung Tumors NA 2016
PDX Oncology Esophageal Cancer ESCC - Esophageal Cancer ES0026, ES0042, ES0110, ES0136, ES0141, ES0172, ES0176, ES0178, ES0191, ES0195, ES0199, ES0201, ES0204, ES0215, ES0219, ES2116 A subset of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma patient-derived xenografts respond to cetuximab, which is predicted by high EGFR expression and amplification H Hanting Zhu , et al. 2018
PDX Oncology Acute Myeloid Leukemia M5 - Acute Myeloid Leukemia AM7577 AC220 and AraC cause differential inhibitory dynamics in patient-derived M5-AML with FLT3-ITD and, thus, ultimately distinct therapeutic outcomes NA 2016
NA Immuno-Oncology, Inflammation NA NA NA Adenosine-related small molecules show utility of recall antigen assay to screen compounds for off-target effects on memory T cells NA 2021
PDX Oncology Acute Myeloid Leukemia NA AM7577 AG-221, a First-in-Class Therapy Targeting Acute Myeloid Leukemia Harboring Oncogenic IDH2 Mutations NA 2017
CDX Oncology Lung Cancer NSCLC (EGFR hi) - Lung Cancer HCC827 Allosteric SHP2 inhibitor IACS-13909 overcomes EGFR-dependent and EGFR-independent resistance mechanisms towards osimertinib NA 2020
PDX Oncology Lung Cancer NSCLC- Lung Cancer LU0387 Anti-tumor activity of osimertinib, an irreversible mutant-selective EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor, in NSCLC harboring EGFR Exon 20 Insertions NA 2018
PDX, Sygeneic Oncology Gastric Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Liver Cancer, Lung Cancer, Melanoma, Ovarian Cancer NA NA Antibody-mediated inhibition of GDF15–GFRAL activity reverses cancer cachexia in mice NA 2020
NA NA NA NA NA Assessing therapy response in patient-derived xenografts. J Janosch Ortmann , et al. 2021
CDX, Cell lines, Organoids, PDX NA NA NA NA Authentication, characterization and contamination detection of cell lines, xenografts and organoids by barcode deep NGS sequencing NA 2020
NA Immuno-Oncology, Inflammation NA NA NA Brain penetration and efficacy of tepotinib in orthotopic patient-derived xenograft models of MET-driven non-small cell lung cancer brain metastases NA 2021
PDX Immuno-Oncology, Oncology Bladder Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Lung Cancer NA NA c-Myc Alteration Determines the Therapeutic Response to FGFR Inhibitors NA 2017
PDX Oncology Colorectal Cancer NA CR0170, CR0193, CR0196, CR0231, CR0588, CR2110, CR2502, CR2520 Cetuximab response in CRC patient-derived xenografts seems predicted by an expression based RAS pathway signature S Sheng Guo , et al. 2016
PDX Immuno-Oncology Colorectal Cancer Mucinous adenocarcinoma - Gastric Cancer CR0004, CR0010, CR0012, CR0024, CR0028, CR0029, CR0047, CR0133, CR11377 Cetuximab response in CRC patient-derived xenografts seems predicted by an expression based RAS pathway signature NA 2016
PDX Oncology Gastric Cancer NA GA0060 Claudin18.2-Specific Chimeric Antigen Receptor Engineered T Cells for the Treatment of Gastric Cancer NA 2019
NA Immuno-Oncology, Inflammation NA NA NA Different syngeneic tumors show distinctive intrinsic tumor-immunity and mechanisms of actions (MOA) of anti-PD-1 treatment NA 2022
NA Oncology NA NA NA Distinct genomic landscape of Chinese pediatric acute myeloid leukemia impacts clinical risk classification. T Ting Liu , et al. 2022
CDX, GEMM Immuno-Oncology Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Adrenal gland Cancer NA - Adrenal gland Cancer, T - Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia AD0484 DNA-Damage-Induced Alternative Splicing of p53 J Jing Chen , et al. 2021
PDX Oncology Colorectal Cancer NA CR2518, CR2545 Drugging the catalytically inactive state of RET kinase in RET-rearranged tumors NA 2017
PDX Oncology Pancreatic Cancer NA NA Efficient growth suppression in pancreatic cancer PDX model by fully human anti-mesothelin CAR-T cells NA 2017
CDX, PDX Oncology Lung Cancer NSCLC- Lung Cancer HCC827, LU0387 EGF816 Exerts Anticancer Effects in Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer by Irreversibly and Selectively Targeting Primary and Acquired Activating Mutations in the EGF Receptor NA 2016
PDX Oncology Gastric Cancer NA NA EGFR gene status predicts response and survival benefit in a preclinical gastric cancer trial treating patient‑derived xenografts with cetuximab X Xiaohong Wang , et al. 2017
PDX Immuno-Oncology Lung Cancer NSCLC- Lung Cancer LU0858, LU1868 Enapotamab vedotin, an AXL-specific antibody-drug conjugate, shows preclinical antitumor activity in non-small cell lung cancer LA Louise A Koopman , et al. 2019
Organoids Oncology NA NA NA Functional patient-derived organoid screenings identify MCLA-158 as a therapeutic EGFR × LGR5 bispecific antibody with efficacy in epithelial tumors. B Bram Herpers , et al. 2022
PDX Immuno-Oncology, Inflammation Lung Cancer NSCLC- Lung Cancer LU2503, LU5381 Glesatinib Exhibits Antitumor Activity in Lung Cancer Models and Patients Harboring MET Exon 14 Mutations and Overcomes Mutation-mediated Resistance to Type I MET Inhibitors in Nonclinical Models NA 2017
HuGEMM, MiXeno Immuno-Oncology, Oncology Lung Cancer NSCLC- Lung Cancer HCC827 HX008: a humanized PD-1 blocking antibody with potent antitumor activity and superior pharmacologic properties NA 2020
MuPrime Oncology Pancreatic Cancer Ductal adenocarcinoma - Pancreatic Cancer NA Immunophenotyping of Orthotopic Homograft (Syngeneic) of Murine Primary KPC Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma by Flow Cytometry X Xiaoyu An , et al. 2018
CDX, GEMM, HuCell Oncology Adrenal gland Cancer, Bladder Cancer ADC - Bladder Cancer, Sarcoma - Bladder Cancer, SCC - Bladder Cancer, TCC - Bladder Cancer AD0484, AL5514, AL5518, AL5521, AL8223 In Vivo Pharmacology Models for Cancer Target Research D Dawei Chen , et al. 2019
CDX, PDX Oncology NA NA NA Inhibition of de novo Palmitate Synthesis by Fatty Acid Synthase Induces Apoptosis in Tumor Cells by Remodeling Cell Membranes, Inhibiting Signaling Pathways, and Reprogramming Gene Expression. NA 2015
PDX Oncology Kidney Cancer RCC - Kidney Cancer KI2367, KI2368 Intra-tumour molecular heterogeneity of clear cell renal cell carcinoma reveals the diversity of the response to targeted therapies using patient-derived xenograft models B Baoan Hong , et al. 2017
PDX Oncology NA NA NA MAT2A Inhibition Blocks the Growth of MTAP-Deleted Cancer Cells by Reducing PRMT5-Dependent mRNA Splicing and Inducing DNA Damage NA 2021
PDX Oncology Lung Cancer NA LU0387 Mechanisms and clinical activity of an EGFR and HER2 exon 20-selective kinase inhibitor in non-small cell lung cancer NA 2018
PDX Oncology Colorectal Cancer, Lung Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer NA NA Molecular mechanism and potential target indication of TAK-931, a novel CDC7-selective inhibitor NA 2019
PDX Immuno-Oncology, Oncology Gastric Cancer ADC - Gastric Cancer GA0055 MORAb-202, an Antibody-Drug Conjugate Utilizing Humanized Anti-human FRα Farletuzumab and the Microtubule-targeting Agent Eribulin, has Potent Antitumor Activity NA 2018
Organoids Oncology NA NA NA New insights into the mechanisms underlying 5-fluorouracil-induced intestinal toxicity based on transcriptomic and metabolomic responses in human intestinal organoids NA 2021
MuPrime Oncology Bladder Cancer, Sarcoma, Skin Cancer NA BL6078, SA9003, SK6005 Niraparib activates interferon signaling and potentiates anti-PD-1 antibody efficacy in tumor models NA 2019
PDX Oncology Lung Cancer NSCLC- Lung Cancer LU0387, LU0858, LU1235, LU1868, LU3075 NSCLC harboring EGFR exon-20 insertions after the regulatory C-helix of kinase domain responds poorly to known EGFR inhibitors M Mengmeng Yang , et al. 2016
PDX Oncology Colorectal Cancer NA CR3496, CR3547, CR3612, CR6227, MC3405 Nuclear Export of Ubiquitinated Proteins Determines the Sensitivity of Colorectal Cancer to Proteasome Inhibitor NA 2017
CDX, GEMM, HuCell, HuGEMM, Humanized models, MiXeno, MuPrime, Organoids, PDX, Sygeneic Immuno-Oncology NA NA NA Preclinical pharmacology modeling of chimeric antigen receptor T therapies NA 2021
CDX NA Acute Graft versus Host Disease NA AD0344 Resorbable and highly elastic block copolymers from 1,5-dioxepan-2-one and L-lactide with controlled tensile properties and hydrophilicity. M Maria Ryner , et al. 2002
PDX Oncology Colorectal Cancer NA CR1520, CR2502, CR2518, CR2520 RET fusions observed in lung and colorectal cancers are sensitive to ponatinib NA 2018
PDX Oncology Colorectal Cancer ADC - Colorectal Cancer CR2518 RET Solvent Front Mutations Mediate Acquired Resistance to Selective RET Inhibition in RET-Driven Malignancies NA 2020
PDX Oncology GIST NA NA Ripretinib (DCC-2618) Is a Switch Control Kinase Inhibitor of a Broad Spectrum of Oncogenic and Drug-Resistant KIT and PDGFRA Variants NA 2019
CDX, HuCell NA NA NA NA Robotic Radical Cystectomy Outcomes after Intervention for Prostate Cancer. NH Neel H Patel , et al. 2021
PDX Oncology Colorectal Cancer ADC - Colorectal Cancer, NSCLC- Lung Cancer CR2518, CR2545 Selective RET kinase inhibition for patients with RET-altered cancers NA 2018
PDX Oncology Lymphoma B cell lymphoma - Lymphoma, B cell lymphoma (ABC/GCB, MYD88 L265P) - Lymphoma, NHL - Lymphoma, NHL (DLBCL, ABC) - Lymphoma LY0257, LY2298 Simultaneous Inhibition of PI3Kδ and PI3Kα Induces ABC-DLBCL Regression by Blocking BCR-Dependent and -Independent Activation of NF-κB and AKT NA 2017
HuCell, HuGEMM Immuno-Oncology NA NA NA Single-cell transcriptomics reveals the effect of PD-L1/TGF-β blockade on the tumor microenvironment NA 2001
PDX Oncology Colorectal Cancer ADC, mucinous adenocarcinoma - Colorectal Cancer, Adenocarcinoma - Colorectal Cancer CR2506, CR3150 Targeting PTPRK-RSPO3 colon tumours promotes differentiation and loss of stem-cell function NA 2015
CDX, HuGEMM, MiXeno Immuno-Oncology, Inflammation Bladder Cancer, Brain Cancer ADC - Bladder Cancer, Astrocytoma - Brain Cancer, SCC - Bladder Cancer, TCC - Bladder Cancer, Transition cell carcinoma - Bladder Cancer AD0484, AD10272, AL5511, BL3249 The design, analysis and application of mouse clinical trials in oncology drug development S Sheng Guo , et al. 2019
PDX Oncology Sarcoma Ewing's Sarcoma - Sarcoma SA10233 The Ewing Family of Tumors Relies on BCL-2 and BCL-XL to Escape PARP Inhibitor Toxicity DAR Daniel A R Heisey , et al. 2018
CDX, HuCell Oncology Bladder Cancer NA - Bladder Cancer, Sarcoma - Bladder Cancer, SCC - Bladder Cancer AD0484, AL5511, BL3249 The Immune Landscape of Cancer V Vésteinn Thorsson , et al. 2019
PDX Immuno-Oncology, Oncology Lung Cancer NSCLC- Lung Cancer LU1147, LU11693, LU2512, LU6405 The KRASG12C Inhibitor, MRTX849, Provides Insight Toward Therapeutic Susceptibility of KRAS Mutant Cancers in Mouse Models and Patients NA 2019
PDX Immuno-Oncology, Oncology Kidney Cancer CCRCC - Kidney Cancer NA Transcriptomic characterization and innovative molecular classification of clear cell renal cell carcinoma in the Chinese population Q Qiang Zhao , et al. 2020
Organoids NA NA NA NA Translational and Clinical Relevance of PDX-Derived Organoid Models in Oncology Drug Discovery and Development. R Rajendra Kumari , et al. 2022
PDX, Sygeneic Immuno-Oncology, Oncology NA NA NA Tumor Purity in Preclinical Mouse Tumor Models NA 2022
PDX Oncology Lung Cancer SCLC - Lung Cancer LU5263 Venetoclax Is Effective in Small-Cell Lung Cancers with High BCL-2 Expression TL Timothy L Lochmann , et al. 2017